The mystery of the Bedfordshire site that appears to be revealed

The mystery of what "one of the country's greater monasteries" would have looked like has been unveiled.


The painting created by Peter Dunn shows the grandeur of Warden Abbey, one of the most influential Cistercian houses in medieval England, Bedford Borough Council said.Currently on display at the Warden Abbey Revealed exhibition at The Higgins Bedford, along with other artifacts.

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The temple was founded in 1135 before being demolished in the 16th century.

No buildings remain and their foundations were discovered in a 2017 geophysical survey.Mr Dunn archaeological illustrator Using the results of a survey conducted by 30 volunteers at the London Archeology Museum. to rebuild a building with about 100 monks

Margaret Roberts, a member of the Old Warden History and Heritage Society, said she was "blown away" when she saw the sight.This temple is more important than any other local temple and is one of the greater monasteries of the country. We are delighted

The temple's territory extends to 157 acres, the largest in the UK. And there are meadows, orchards, orchards, vineyards, fish ponds and lakes.Because it's been a mystery for a long time. It's a lovely story that everyone has a chance to see.This is all about the people who lived here 500 years ago. The detailed artwork gives us an idea of ​​how they live and how important it is to them.