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The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children, not on which parent has more money or who is willing to make up stories or accusations to win at all costs.

Child custody disputes are, unfortunately, common across California. These are emotionally charged matters when parents decide to separate or get divorced. However, once the spouses decide to separate, they need to consider many things concerning their children.

A child custody attorney La Habra, Mr. Eric Nakasu, has been successfully representing clients for more than a decade throughout Southern California.

Experienced Child Custody Attorney La Habra

California law recognizes various types of custody. At the law office of Mr. Eric M Nakasu, we help parents with various types of custody, including:

● Sole Legal Custody
A single parent has the right to make all decisions for their child's education, healthcare, and well-being. Sole legal custody is mostly granted when one parent is deemed unfit by the court to care for their children.

● Joint Legal Custody
Both parents have the right to make a decision regarding their children's education, healthcare, and well-being. Courts award joint legal custody when both parents are willing and fit to co-parent their child.

● Sole Physical Custody
A parenting plan is chalked up by either the court or the parties, where one parent becomes the child's primary custodian while the other gets visitation rights.

● Joint Physical Custody
Under joint physical custody, both parents spend equal time with the children, though this time may not be divided as 50-50.

Take a Step for your Child's Future

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