It seems that new things like highly intelligent physical dolls have a pretty long way to go ethically

It seems that new things like highly intelligent physical dolls have a pretty long way to go ethically

Why do artificially intelligent Barbie dolls and sex robots and humanoid intelligent dolls provoke such controversy?
The movie "Copy Stepford", released in 2004, tells the story of Joanna's family of four who move to live in the beautiful suburbs of Staver. The wealthy husbands, in order to make their wives obedient, are willing to turn them into robots through high technology at high prices, completely killing their humanity.

In a sense, they are dead,.
TC advertises the new realistic sex dolls on its website as "the perfect companion", and while they don't do housework like the robots in "Stepford Wives", they can do everything else. The company's Hines thinks that the real purpose of sex dolls is not to replace women, but as a supplement, the wife is not around to make up for the husband's emptiness, the children are not around to This is a kind of solace for the lonely people. But Hines also pointed out that TPE sex doll are comparable to human women because they are willing to do anything, "sex dolls can meet your needs at any time, but your girlfriends and wives are not always so cooperative."
It seems that new things like highly intelligent physical dolls have a pretty long way to go ethically.

They wrote in a related post: "This year, one of our mini sex doll has been on the big screen for 14 years! Who remembers the image of Bianca in "Inflatable Doll Love"?"

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Regarding sex and love, I often cannot distinguish them well. Yes, I believe that everyone in this world is the same. Who can do not have sex with his boyfriend or girlfriend? I believe that this is something that no one can do. At the same time, it is difficult for us to have sex without love. According to official survey statistics, most of the derailment between men and women is caused by sex, isn’t it? I think this is a nonsense, no, no, it’s not. When most people have sex with their lovers on their backs and other people for the first time, their ideals are not love, but sex, just for pure physical pleasure. At this time, they are only derailed physically, not mentally, which means that when they make love to others, their ideals are their partner, not the object of the derailment. After experiencing multiple physical derailments, they will eventually be mentally derailed due to the pleasure of sex. I think in many cases cheating is caused by momentary thoughts. In fact, why don’t we buy a sex doll to give to our lovers, through sex dolls to keep the lover fresh, this is not killing two birds with one stone, one is to keep each other The freshness between the two is that it will not tarnish each other’s bodies. You can read more novels to verify the authenticity of what I said.

This film tells the story of Lars, a young man living in a small country town. He is a taciturn solitary man. In order to get a girlfriend who will not bring him insecurities, Lars ordered dolls online. Anka, and Bianca as his confidant . Also introduce her to his friends.

Online posts are full of comments praising Bianca and the movie. One of them wrote: "I wrote an essay on the protagonist of the film. This is a very interesting and thought-provoking film about certain taboo issues."

At the beginning, we will do market research to see what kind of requirements people in different countries have for their sexual partners, whether they like fat, thin, or what kind of male Silicone Love Doll. Secondly, we will monitor the traffic volume of our website. See what kind of doll is the most popular among the public. Finally, according to the results of big data, choose the type, appearance, height, etc. of the doll we want to sell, so the sex doll on our website will definitely have the type you like. There can be no exceptions.

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At the same time, all sex dolls on our website are made of exquisite and durable materials so that our customers can use them for a long time. We have spent a huge price for this. The reason we chose to do this is because of a one-time sale. A customer found that the vagina was damaged a month after purchasing our product, so he complained to our customer service. Our boss took this matter very seriously, so he took back all the dolls we sold at the time and compensated our consumers. In the following year, click here, we continued to improve the technology of making sex dolls, with the goal of creating a sex doll with a lifespan of more than 10 years. Although this goal has not yet been achieved, our technology has achieved a qualitative leap, and the service life Greatly improved several grades, our sex doll is definitely the highest quality in the world.

TC's website advertises the Japanese sex doll as "your close friend, to talk with you and feel your touch". At this point people have great doubts: they are so realistic, they can talk, will not have a negative impact on real human life?
Parents will be so worried: if their children are obsessed with a talking Barbie, will not want to communicate with other real humans?
Women will worry: will such Japanese sex doll take their place in the family?


In his article "Sex Dolls: Why Should Women Panic?", journalist Lao Li wrote: "When there is a low cost alternative to women, and they are not nagging, not costly, and peaceful, I think a normal man is willing to try.".
Engineer David predicts in his book "Sex and Love with Robots" that in 2050, the U.S. state of Marseilles will be the first central state to legalize marriage with robots.

This era is the era of the Internet. Yes, I have deep feelings. One day, I wanted to find a prostitute to have sex in bed, so I searched for various information on the Internet, but I found nothing. The next day, I had more in my phone. There are many novels about sex dolls, so I say that this era is really great, your wife, children, parents may not have your mobile phone to understand your thoughts

Kathleen Richardson, an anthropologist and ethicist at De Montfort University in England, and Dr. Erik Billing of the University of Shefford in Sweden have launched a campaign against "sex robots," which they fear will objectify women and disrupt relationships between men and women and between people of the same sex.


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