Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Townhome

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Are you ready to take the leap into homeownership? If so, it's likely you've given some thought to the type of home you want to buy. Do you like living in an urban area? If so, consider a townhome or flat. These offer great conveniences and excellent locations, and oftentimes there are amenities involved if you pick a community. This article focuses on townhomes and what type of questions you should ask a community before signing the dotted line and purchasing a new home for yourself.

What Is Your Designated Space (Yard)

You may want to ask how much space you get outside. You might be surprised that not every home purchase gives you a large yard. You may have to share with your neighbor. With your purchase agreement, this should all be laid out. Don't leave any room for error or confusion. Make sure you know what your property lines are and what you can use.

What Is The Total Cost

What is the total cost of ownership? How much will you have to pay every month? Financing for condominiums is typically the same as a single-family home that you would purchase. Townhomes in San Francisco, when purchasing in a community, mean that you'll have access to some of the amazing advantages of the community. This features many of the perks you would get with renting but with home ownership.


What are some of the responsibilities you'll have as a homeowner in a community? Will you need to pay for maintenance, repairs, upkeep, etc.? These are important questions to ask before making a final decision. In luxury apartments living in the San Francisco area, such as 1288 Howard, you'll find an abundance of perks like a cafe in a restaurant, tree-lined walkways, sitting areas outdoors, and a sky patio perfect for barbecues and fire pits.

Are you supposed to maintain these areas? Or does somebody else? Typically, in this situation, the community has a maintenance or property manager that takes care of all the repairs and necessary items to keep everything in good working order. But, this will come at an additional cost.

Can You BBQ or Have Pets?

Not every condominium, flat, or townhome is pet friendly. They also may have stipulations as to what you can do in the shared areas. We recommend that you talk with the sales team about what you can and can't do, any limitations on pets, etc., before making a final decision. When it comes to buying, there's no backing out once you close.