DIY Christmas Tree Pillows Using Tote Bags

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Add a little fun to your decor this holiday season with DIY Christmas Tree Pillows from Tote Bags!

It's the best time of the year custom cooler bags wholesalers again! If you've always wanted to make your own decorations for the holidays, this project is for you. I'm going to show you how to custom travel bags wholesalers make a super easy Christmas tree pillow that requires no sewing! That's right, the pillow form of this project is actually a tote bag! Once you've cut the handle, you're ready with a pillow form that can be decorated, travel backpack wholesalers stuffed, and glued.

Supplies: 100% golf cooler sleeve cotton reusable wholesale tote bag - red; green felt; 1" pompoms (assorted colors); hot glue gun and glue; poly Нестандартные рюкзаки fiber fill; Christmas tree template (you can find one online to print); Marker; scissors. Step 1: Search online for tree templates. I chose a basic tree shape. Once you find one you like, print it out. If you don't have a insulin travel case printer, you can always draw a basic Christmas tree on a piece of paper shape, and cut it out.

Step 2: Place the duffle bag manufacturers Christmas tree template on the green felt and trace around it. Then, cut it out. Step 3: Cut off both bag handles duffle bags suppliers with scissors. Be sure to get as close as possible so you don't leave any bulk. Flip the bag over so the opening is now at the bottom. Step 4: Add glue to the top back of the tree first. Make sure to add the glue as close to the edge as possible. Stop adding custom cosmetic bags glue when you're a few inches down. Hot glue dries quickly, so you'll need to glue the tree in sections.

Isn't it that easy? I think this lunch bags wholesalers DIY Christmas Tree Pillow Using Tote Bag is a great beginner project for someone who wants to create their own decoration but is too intimidated by sewing. cosmetic bags wholesalers After the vacation is over, you can still create other custom pillows using this technique. There are many blank canvas totes to choose from. They come in a variety customized sling bags of colors, from small to large. There are so many possibilities to get creative!